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Gerard Way - A4
_Mickt Flior. 

"The more a guy looks like a lady, the more he’s hot."

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. A beautiful friend of my friend. ;) 
-Mickt Flior.

My new Helen Green shirt is AMAZING! 


_Mickt Flior

Gerard way - process

-Mickt Flior


"You are an art work, 

I wish I could paint it on my door. 

and stare at your face, every day

like nobody cares more. 

too many days of uncertainty have passed and I’m wondering, what now?
sketching every single line, discovering how enter in your life
without love.

I found myself asleep last night, and suddenly there’s something here to hide
oh, my mind
travel wise

It suddenly comes to an end, like all my muses before, 
I can hide but not pretend, 
oh I
wish you could be mine. 

my muse is dead anyway, oh Lord.
I will draw you surrounded by the fog
of your smoke.
of your smile.

I know you could be mine,
If I change my life style.
Yeah, I know you’re so high
Maybe I…
may be I.”
-sketch of a song. 

The best cartoon ever made!

-mickt flior -years ago.

I still have many photos from this photoshoot I would like to post. 

-Mickt Flior

Me at The Metropolitan Museum. -Egypt 

Photo perfect, haha

-Mickt Flior

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