As a Circle “  Statue Of Liberty - NY  /  taken by Carmem de Andrade.

-Mickt Flior

I want to draw a friend. Who should I do? Must be a boy. Must have hair. That’s all.


Becky, Gerard and the Hernandez. Epic. #wondertwinsworldtour #roadtocomiccon

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Gerard Way by Mickt Flior.

again and again

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Me, Brooklyn Bridge, last week. A sunny day.

-Mickt Flior

So, you noticed that big music friend of yours isn’t your online friend anymore. And you can NOT see his profile anymore.. Well, knowing how kind and nice he is, I’m absolute sure of what might be happening. But I refuse to believe it. It’s too terrible.. too nasty.. I did nothing. I’ll never understand why some girls see me as a threat to their loving lives… ‪#‎darklingsrelated‬


Haaaaaa! Even President @barrackobama gets some love from #JaredHugginLeto. You guys are hilarious. #lovelustfaithdreams xo

Flowers at The high Line in New York.

The Best photo you are going to see tonight.
You’re welcome.

-Coney Island, New York.

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Coney island

New York Food….


An artwork I did that was inspired by the song NA NA NA by My Chemical Romance