Aaaahhh!! I knew it!

Anônimo asked:
ok, I'll tell you my name. But I'll do it tomorrow or the next day, it's very late where I am :)

ok, I’m waiting =)

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HAHA sure

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Anônimo asked:
Haha, but it wouldn't be fun if I gave you my name! You'll have to figure it out :)

hmmm the last people I remember had talked to me once were a guy called gus and the owner of inrockwetrust. I can’t think about anybody else

Anônimo asked:
Haha I'm not one of your friends, I promise :) I'm just this random dude who found a beautiful Darkling on the internet

haha gosh! so I think I might die without know who you are? : (
I care about people, come on.. you need a name. 

Anônimo asked:
Haha, I'm just some lame guy you probably wouldn't want to know. We talked on here a while ago :)

sure I would like to know. how can I know it’s not one of my friends making fun of me as they always do? haha nah, everyone who likes Darkness is cool! I don’t remember ><

Anônimo asked:
We can play The Darkness at the wedding :)


Anônimo asked:
You are soooooooooooooooo pretty :D


Anônimo asked:
Oh my god, I've just seen your art. So you're gorgeous AND incredibly talented? Marry me???

wait you said THE DARKNESS?? OMG SURE haushdsudhudh//

thank you very much!! , You made me really happy tonight. but I’m curious who are you?  

quem precisa de camera fotográfica quando se tem webcam?

in progress

GERARD WAY. sketch. 


Mickt Flior. 


-Mickt Flior. A4 - Stonehenge paper. Colored pencil.